Kuntala waterfalls in Telangana

Kuntala waterfalls

Kuntala water is water settled in Kuntala, Adilabad district, Telangana. it’s settled on Kadem stream in Neredigonda mandal.[1] it’s the best water within the state of Telangana,[2] with a height of 147 feet (45 meters).[3]kuntalawater falls

These waterfalls area unit within the dense forests settled by the Gonds. Kunta in South-Central Dravidian and Telugu language means that pool. Kuntalu means that many ponds. The water originates from a confluence of many ponds that result in the stream.[4]

Formed by the Kadam stream, Kuntala falls cascades down through 2 steps and may be seen as 2 separate adjacent falls once the height rains. it’s one in every of the known at some point outings from Hyderabad. there’s a motorable road till the entry purpose of the falls, from wherever steps area unit on the market to achieve very cheap of the falls. The falls is regarding ten minutes (one way) walk from the entry purpose.